About Us

Born again believer since July of 2005 at the age of 33.  Father of 3, husband of 1 and responsible to lead each and every one of them to the truth.  I believe the bible is the single written source of truth, and that the Holy Spirit guides us in all truth – leading us back to the bible.  I believe that God the father is sovereign and that Jesus, as the person of God, stepped into time for a brief period over 2000 years ago, to live a perfect life and die sacrificially.  He calls each person to repent and turn to him for salvation by grace through faith.

I continue to search for the truth.  And the irony is, when I regularly speak with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Catholics, New Age and so on, the truth becomes even more evident, led by the Holy Spirit and confirmed in the Word of God.  I read their materials, I ask questions, I then refer back to the bible to see if what they say is true or if there is any truth at all in what they believe.  I regularly challenge assumptions of others and I do the same for myself.  Refining and sharpening my understanding of the Bible.

Challenging people to think outside of the box is my desire.  I want people to seek for the truth, no matter where it leads them.  I welcome feedback from people of any walk of life.  Just be prepared to defend your position with something more than, “that’s what I heard” or “they say”…

Be well!